The Eagles are taking to the road to support their new DVD release 'The History of the Eagles.' I watched it when it aired on Showtime a couple of weeks ago and I will be ordering the DVD, which includes four hours of never before seen video, so I guess it's time for me hit the road to see them in concert, too! So far, the Eagles tour includes Kentucky, Wisconsin, Ohio, California, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Washington DC and New York.

The shows are in July, and believe it or not, the $895 VIP tickets available on which include front row seats, are already sold out for all of the shows that are on sale right now! Regular tickets range from $36 to $190 each, plus fees, of course, on Ticketmaster.

My first Eagles concert was on November 5, 1975 when they played in Baton Rouge. I think the tickets were less than $10. They had just finished mixing 'Hotel California,' which wouldn't be released until a month later. I've seen them, oh, at least seven or eight times, with every member. I've seen Don Henley, Glenn Frey and Joe Walsh on solo tours, as well. And yes, I would go to see them again. Their concerts are all about the great songs. You won't see a different costume for every song, there won't be lasers or flame-shooting cannons, but you will enjoy a night of well-crafted songs, excellent musicianship, and forty years of music history.