Vermilion Animal Aid is in the running to win prizes, including monetary grants to help keep the shelter open; the deadline to help is TODAY, December 18, 2013...

This one is easy: just click this link, and then click the "Vote" button, enter the CAPTCHA and voila: you're done!

For those who don't know, the Vermilion "pound" is NOT a "no-kill" shelter.  That means that when an animal enters the "pound" in Vermilion Parish, it's days are numbered, unless it is rescued.  If the animal is not adopted or claimed within 4 days, it is euthanized (killed).

From the Vermilion Animal Aid Facebook page:

One of our goals is to rescue and re-home as many animals as we can from the local Animal Control facility, located in Kaplan, LA. How is this situation different from any other town or parish/county with a pound, you ask?

This facility is strictly about animal and rabies control, this pound does NOT have an adoption program to the public. What this means is that pets brought to the pound are DOOMED. No way out alive! Once they are brought to the facility, unless they are reclaimed by their owners or rescued within 4 days, they will be KILLED, since this is the purpose of the place.

Thanks to an agreement between Vermilion Parish and Animal Aid for Vermilion Area (AAVA), pets can be "pulled" from the facility by 501(c)3 (non-profit) organizations.
What this means is that the lives of the pets in the facility depend solely on animal welfare groups. If you are with a rescue group, please consider helping us save these pets. AAVA simply cannot handle the situation alone.


You can help right now by voting for Vermilion Animal Aid and helping them to win this contest.  You can help any other time by offering to adopt or at least foster a pet or make a monetary donation to the Vermilion Animal Aid.

Many of these animals are in the pound because of irresponsible owners.  Another thing you can do is DO YOUR PART:  have your pet spayed or neutered, and help control the number of animals who are needlessly "put down" each and every day in Acadiana.

(Via Facebook)