Imagine this scenario:  You get the kids ready and off to school, you put Lucky in the back yard, and you leave the house for work.  On the way home, you pick the kids up from day care, stop at the grocery store to buy the fixings for supper, and then you get home to find everything of value gone!

It's happening in Vermilion Parish, at an alarming rate.  Vermilion Parish Sheriff Mike Couvillon says that at least seven burglaries of this type were reported within the last few weeks, and he needs your help in solving the cases.

If you live in the northern portion of Vermilion Parish and have seen suspicious activity, report it to the Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Office (337-898-4403).  If anyone approaches you about buying items that you think may be stolen, report them!  And, as always, be on the lookout for suspicious activity EVERY time you leave the house!

One of the ways to help deter burglars is by installing a home security system, or even by leaving your dog in the house during the day.  A note on the front door saying "Please do not knock or ring the bell, I worked the night shift last night" to make them think that someone is home might do the trick.   (Another way is to ask your mother-in-law to stay at the house all day, but who wants that, right?  HA!).

Seriously, I know what a horrible feeling it is to realize that something you value was stolen from you; you are more likely to avoid that feeling by making your home less of a 'target'.

(Via KATC)