Help bag some trash this weekend and make Lafayette an even better place to live! LCG's Environmental Quality Division and the Bayou Vermilion District invite the community to take part in the Trash Bash event on Saturday, March 17 from 7 a.m. – 12 p.m. Last year, volunteers collected 190 tires, 322 large items (think sofas, televisions, etc.), 790 barrels of trash and 23.7 tons of floating debris. 15.5 TONS of trash have been collected over the past four annual events.

This cleanup is important because:

  • sediment in the water reduces the amount of light penetration and affects photosynthesis for aquatic plants.
  • as green waste decomposes in the water it uses up oxygen which would normally be available for aquatic plants and animals.
  • soil makes our waterways cloudy and can suffocate fish by clogging up their gills.
  • litter clogs up our waterways and causes toxicity as it breaks down affecting plants and animals that live in or utilise our waterways.
  • reduces the usability of our waterways for drinking, swimming and boating.
  • litter and sediment destroy the visual amenity of our waterways.

The organizations are asking any interested citizens, community organizations, civic or school groups and any other interested parties to register for the event by Thursday, March 15. LCG’s Environmental Quality Division will provide equipment and supplies such as gloves, safety vests, trash bags and grabbers at their offices located at 400 Dugas Rd. the week before the event. Canoes will be made available the day of the event by the BVD for those individuals who would like to clean up the Bayou Vermilion and along its banks. To reserve a canoe please contact Margot Addison by emailing or calling (337) 233-4077 x 205.

Headquarters the day of the event will be the pavilion between Beaver Park tennis courts and the Bayou Vermilion District. Organizers ask to try and have bagged trash returned to headquarters by 11 a.m.  the day of the event.  At the end of the event all the trash collected will be weighed and the amount will be included in LCG’s annual reporting. Food and drinks will be provided for participants upon return.

For more information or to register for Trash Bash contact Sheila Prejean by calling (337) 291-5637 or emailing