Here's an update to my beard's story:

Thanks to you, my beard is, as of this posting, #4 ON THE LIST!!!!  Thank for going to the BeardRank website and clicking on the heart on my picture!!  I appreciate it, and I hope that you can help me get to #1 today!

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Last night, the Louisiana Beard and Facial Hair Association met up at E's Kitchen on Kaliste Saloom....

LA Beard and Facial Hair Meet-Up

Now, since I got out of the Army, it hasn't been often that I shaved on a regular basis, so I am accustomed to having some facial hair, but it normally gets shaved once a month or so.....   after meeting with these guys last night, I might consider going a little bit longer.

LA Beard and Facial Hair Meet-Up

It almost sounded like we were at a sleepover:  you could hear talk of "Mane and Tail" and "Alberto VO5" and "I had split ends on my split ends" and "Grandpa's Pine Tar helps keep my beard this smooth".  I had never given so much thought to the 'upkeep' of my whiskers!

The Bearded Ones

Thanks to Parish Brewing, E's Kitchen and Lil' Chubs Grill (food truck) for providing the brews (Canebrake beer; quite tasty, and very fitting for the event), the location, and the grub (Sliders; quite tasty, and very fitting for the event!!).

Remember to go to to click on the heart to vote for my beard!!  (I mean, just until I get to the top slot, then I'll take a screenshot of it and be done with that...  ha!)



January 31, 2013

Click on my big nose to rank my beard!! Give me some likes!!

So I was doing some research about the Louisiana Beard and Facial Hair Association's 'meet-up' tonight at E's Kitchen on Kaliste Saloom, and I came across the Beard Rank website.

While I was showing pics of the beards to Debbie Ray, she said "you should take a picture of your beard, yours looks better than half the ones I've seen!"

Half of 'em, Deb?  Gee, thanks.

Anyway, if you would like to help me win this beard contest (not certain that it is an actual contest, but the beards are ranked....), click here to give me some "Likes"!!  You will have to "Log in using Facebook", and, once you do, click the "Top Beards" link and then look for my picture (if it doesn't come up automatically).  You'll have to click the heart to vote.  VOTE!!