Okay, before you roll your eyes and say to yourself, “What does he know?” I’m a father of two, and a grandparent.

I recall my daughter watching in amazement the first time I gave her infant son a bottle, and the stunned look when I offered to change a smelly diaper.  The first time he threw up on me, she went into a panic. I laughed and said “What, you think you never puked all over me?”

I think that qualifies me to write an article titled , Having A Baby? Don’t Waste Your Money On These.

You don’t need a changing table if you have a dresser or chest of drawers. They cost anywhere from $150-$500. Once the baby’s too big, what are you going to do with it?  Get a changing pad.

Designer baby clothes? OH, PLEASE! Your baby is going to do horrible things to her/his clothes, and will outgrow them very quickly.

A Wipe warmer? We’re not even discussing that.

Bassinette? Get a portable crib.

Cameron Huddleston, with Kiplinger.com has compiled a great list.  The hundreds of dollars you save can be used to open a savings account, buy savings bonds or life insurance.