There is a new 'phishing' scam going around the internet regardingTwitter; it is sent through email, claiming to be from Twitter, asking "Have you seen this picture you are tagged in (or something similar)?" 

I received one of these messages while I was on vacation.  It took me a few days to get around to researching the message, and the Waffles At Noon website confirmed my suspisions:  The email suggests a link for you to click on to see the photograph, but DON'T DO IT!  The link in the email that I received pointed to a fake Facebook website, telling me that I "must log in to Facebook to see the picture".  Well, there's no picture, it's not really Facebook, and, if you log in, you are giving hackers access to your Facebook account.

If someone sends a Twitter message with any type of 'tempting' verbage (I can't believe you posted this; Did you see your picture I tagged you in?; Won't this picture harm your employment status?; Did you see these rumors about you on Facebook? - or anything similar), DON'T CLICK THROUGH!

If, by chance, you think that the message might be legitimate, BEFORE you click through to log in, reply to the message and ask your friend if they really sent it:  chances are, they didn't, and you saved yourself from a headache (and maybe worse:  a virus!! HA!).

Happy tweeting!