Remember when public restrooms had vending machines on the wall dispensing everything from aspirin to 'protection' and perfume? (I think they still have one at Pete's on Johnston St., but I don't get out much.) Gas stations and bars, in particular, always had interesting items for sale in those machines! What I saw in the bathroom at the Ambassador Caffery Chick fil-A was a first, though. Mouthwash! And it was free. Not little bottles, but little cups and a dispenser. When I walked in, there was a girl doing a jello shot, or so I thought. I pretended I didn't see anything and went about washing my hands. After she left and I turned around to dry, I spotted the complimentary mouthwash dispenser. This was new to me. I can't think of anything at Chick fil-A that would give a person terrible breath. I don't think they even have onions there. Have you seen one anywhere else? Can you think of any place that should have one and doesn't?