I'm not going to brag and say that I'm a great conversationalist, but I do like to think that I'm good at starting and keeping discussions going, a skill I learned as a teacher of a handful of subjects, including English.

We all have different gifts, though, and so while I'm good at flapping the ol' gums, I'm awful when it comes to numbers; in fact, just seeing them and hearing them often causes me distress. If you're one of those folks who could use a little help with conversations, whether it's getting one started or keeping one going, you will find Fill the Silence endlessly useful.

Fill the Silence is a great idea presented in a simple package: it's a frequently updated repository of brief factoids, trivia, and interesting information perfect for any conversation you might find yourself in. I personally think it could be a great resource for first dates, when awkward pauses can be the most unbearable!