Happy hour will land 50% of couples divorced.  Before you hit the blinker to turn into your favorite watering hole, think twice this holiday season.

A study of couples who consume alcohol found really interesting facts.  It seems as though, most couples in which one spouse drinks a lot more than the other are more likely to divorce than couples in which both spouses drinking habits were the same.

The survey included more than 600 couples.  Here's the breakdown, half of those in which one partner drank more than the other got divorced within the first nine years. But check this out, in couples that both drank equal amounts, the divorce rate was only 30%.  

The experts say that it's not really the drinking itself that causes breakups, but the discrepancy in the amounts between each.  And what's even more crazy is that the divorce rate between spouses who are heavy drinkers, had about the same overall divorce rate as couples who don't drink at all. 

The lesson here may very well be, if you are going to drink, never do it alone!