Drew Brees was born right about the same time I moved to Louisiana. The move has turned out to be a good one....for Both of us!  but enough about me. The 7-time Pro - Bowler was born Jan. 15th, 1979. He played his college ball at Purdue. the San Diego Chargers drafted him in the 2nd round of the 2001 Draft. The Chargers drafted Eli Manning with the #1 overall pick in the 2005 draft. He refused to sign, saying he'd only play for the New York Giants. The Giants drafted Phillip Rivers and a trade was made. Drew had what many feel should have been a career ending shoulder injury in the playoffs, and the Chargers cut him loose. Since then , the Chargers have been chronic under achievers.The Saints & Giants have both won Super Bowls. I heard a lot of squawking about Drew's contract extension this season. A lot of people criticized him for "holding out" for the big money. Consider this, Peyton Manning had just been given a 5-year $95 million dollar deal by the Denver Broncos. he didn't play the previous season. During the 6 years of Drew's first contract with the Saints, NO quarterback was better. Six seasons, three 5,000 yard passing seasons, four playoff appearances, three division titles, two trips to the NFC Championship Game and Super Bowl XLIV. Before his arrival, the Saints had one playoff victory in their entire history. This strictly speculation on my part. I don't believe the delay in getting his contract done was over money. The Saints knew they were going to make him the NFL's highest paid player. It's my belief he was looking for a guarantee that Sean Payton will be back. Let's put 2012 behind us, look forward to a great 2013, and wish a Very Happy birthday to Drew....AND Baylon Brees.