When I entered the KTDY broadcast studio this morning, Debbie Ray joked, "We thought You might not come to work today!" I asked why. She replied "It's National Beer Can Appreciation Day."


The first canned beer was sold on January 24, 1935. Today, the can is the most popular container for the beverage.


The aluminum beverage can is the most recycled container in the world. Nearly 70 percent of all cans are recycled worldwide according to the International Aluminum Association. Appropriately, America's largest aluminum recycler is Anheuser Busch.

The beer can has several benefits. It's lightweight ( 1/8th the weight of a glass bottle), helping keep shipping costs down. It keeps the beer from being exposed to sunlight, thereby preserving freshness & flavor.It also chills quickly. You can also crush your empties to make them compact & easily transported to a recycling facility, or dumpster.

How will you celebrate National Beer Can Appreciation Day?