The 13th Gate was again ranked by as one of the TOP Haunted Houses in America for 2011. Out of the 13 Top Haunts, 13th Gate ranked Number 3 in the Nation for 2011. Necropolis 13 is a New Orleans style graveyard across the street from 13th Gate. They'll be selling individual haunt tickets for each attraction, as well as combo tickets to both haunts.  Each haunt time is about 20 minutes to go through.

ShopRite and Monster energy drinks want to get you to experience two top haunts in Baton Rouge!  Whenever you purchase a green or blue Monster energy drink, bring the empty can to get $5 off a combo ticket to the 13th Gate and Necropolis in Baton Rouge now through October 27th .

You can buy individual haunt tickets for each attraction, or get $5 off of  combo tickets to both haunts when you bring in an empty blue or green Monster energy can from ShopRite and Monster Energy Drinks.