"Green Gasoline" willl soon be produced in Louisiana.
Colorado-based Sundrop Fuels, Inc. has purchased more than 1,200 acres of land just north of Alexandria. Sundrop is planning to manufacture "green gasoline" on the site. The company purchased the Ballina Farms property for just under $5 million. Sundrop plans to build a $500 million plant for its renewable fuel.
Biomass from wood will be combined with natural gas to produce liquid fuel. The world's first "green gasoline" is repotrdly ready to use in existing consumer automobiles  with no modifications needed. Sundrop says the product doesn't need to be blended with petroleum-based gasoline. Groundbreaking could be as early as April. Sundrop has reached an agreement to buy the former  Cowboy Town for $2.5 million.
"Sam I Am" claimed not to like green eggs & ham, 'till he tried them. How do you feel about "Green gasoline" in your car?