I didn't find Super Bowl XLVII a very entertaining game. The team I was rooting for got crushed.

A commercial came on, featuring a new song from one of my favorite bands, U2.  It's been 4 years since their last release, so it grabbed  my attention.

They offered fans the opportunity to download the new song "Invisible" for free. The band teamed with Bank Of America to raise money for AIDS research and treatment through the promotion, which kicked off with the commercial. I downloaded it immediately. I'm listening to it as I write this.

The song has the things U2 fans enjoy, Edge's haunting guitar licks, Bono's enigmatic yet hopeful lyrics & passionate vocals, and a driving tempo.

The bank pledged to donate $1 per download to (Red), a foundation co-founded by Bono eight years ago. The free download opportunity ran 'til midnight Monday night, and raised more than three million dollars. "Invisible" is currently available at iTunes for $1.29, with all proceeds going to the cause. Bono says the song is a sneak preview of U2's upcoming album, expected to be released later this year.