With the craze of the Ice Bucket Challenge going around, there has been a lot of discussion about the money raised, and whether it's going to do any good or not.

One of the arguments is that ALS only uses 27% of donations for research, which some people feel is insufficient.

ALS Expense Report (CDC)

Another argument is about which charities are in most "need", so-to-speak:  the diseases that are killing more people are not necessarily the ones for which the most money is raised.

This chart shows the amounts of money raised compared to the diseases that are most deadly.

For example, heart disease kills the most people, but is 3rd on the list of monies raised from donations.

I think that it is great that the Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral.  It helps raise money for ALS research; it encourages 'community', and it promotes charitable giving.  My favorite videos are the ones that promote quietly donating.

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