I enjoy watching sports, football in particular. I also believe there are forces at work in the universe that we can't comprehend. This begs the question, Can we influence the dynamics of the universe to help our favorite teams win? A lot of people seem to think so, fans and participants alike.

Indy 500 winner Tony Kanaan always puts his left sock on first & always enters the car from the left. Sean Payton chews ONLY Juicy Fruit gum on the sideline. KTDY fans donated more than 100 packs in 2011.

I asked local Facebook users to share some of their ideas.

  • DJ said, 'I wore the same boxers at both UL bowl game victories!'
  • Christina shared something similar, 'My son, who's a goalie in hockey, wore the same boxers for every game!! Very nasty, but his team won the gold medal in the Junior Olympics this summer.' Underwear seems to be a popular 'Mojo.'... TMI?
  • Scott said, 'Whatever Saints memorabilia we have on top of the armoire for the first reg season game, if they win, must remain untouched, undusted for the remainder of the season.' I like  that one, maybe because I don't like to dust.
  • I don't think I'll go to this guy's house for a game... Will says, 'I don't wash my t shirt during the season, but I only wore it during the game then is back in the closet.'
  • Voice of the Cajuns, Jay Walker shared this, 'On road trips, Tyla Hudspeth always gives me a candy bar. If the Cajuns lose, I get a different kind next trip.'
  • My friend & colleague, Jaycee thinks it's all "bunk." He says, "I would think that if the superstitions actually worked, the Saints would have more than one ring."
  • Natasha shared this - 'I do not wash my jersey as long as we are winning.' I practice that one, too. Don't worry, I always wear a clean t-shirt under it. Black, only.

Like the beer commercial says, 'It's only weird if it doesn't work.'