Everyone knows about and has probably seen most of the big comic book movies of the previous years, like the Marvel films (featuring Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man, The X-Men, etc.) and the DC films (The Dark Knight Trilogy, Man of Steel) and even those films based on independent publishers (Hellboy, Kick-Ass, Red).

But how many of you have ever read an actual comic book? And not as a child, but recently? Comic books long ago moved away from being "just for kids," and there are comics of every type imaginable for every person imaginable: superhero, horror, sci-fi, war, westerns, romance, comedy, and even comics about regular people with day to day problems.

Fourteen years ago, the comic book industry held the first annual Free Comic Book Day to coincide with the release of the first Spider-Man film. Free Comic Book Day offers an opportunity for anyone interested in seeing what comics are all about the chance to get a taste of comic book magic for free.

This year's Free Comic Book Day is this Saturday, May 3rd. There's only one comic shop in Acadiana participating in this year's event, Acadiana Comics and Collectibles. The store is located at 2506 Johnston (south of Cajun Dome Boulevard) and the Free Comic Book Day festivities will be held from 11 AM to 5 PM. Just look for the Superman sign attached to the awning of the shopping center and you'll find Acadiana Comics and Collectibles. I've been a long-time customer (since age twelve--26 years!) and you won't meet nicer people than the owners, Mrs. Teresa Moran and her husband, Jerry. Be sure to tell them you heard about Free Comic Book Day on 99.9 KTDY!

Help support the comic industry and encouraging literacy by getting a free comic book on Free Comic Book Day!