Reuters reports former New York Governor  Eliot Spitzer has been named defendant in two lawsuits totalling 90 million dollars.  William Gilman and Edward McNenney are former executives with Marsh & McLennan Companies.

They were targeted by Spitzer for prosecution when he was Attorney General for the State of New York. Both men were convicted in 2008 of violating antitrust laws. The convictions have since been overturned. The men claim they were libeled in a 2010 column by Spitzer that appeared in Slate Magazine. Spitzers 2006 run to the NY Governor's mansion was founded on a platform of "rooting out corruption and corporate greed."  He initiated what some people, myself included, feel was a witch hunt against the music industry and the radio industry, costing hundreds of people their livelihood. The resulting settlements with major record companies have turned a simple matter of obtaining CD's and concert tickets for on-air giveaways  into a nightmare involving ridiculous amounts of legal documentation.  As Music Director of  KTDY,I can no longer legally make such requests.  Spitzer's political career came crashing down in a 2008 prostitution scandal.  

Reuters  reports, former New York Governor