Remember Jack Nicholson's Character in "The Bucket List"? He hauled that exotic imported coffee everywhere. It was learned that its "distinctive" flavor resulted from the beans being eaten and excreted by tree cats.

If that sounds crazy, keep reading. A Canadian entrepreneur is selling imported coffee for $500-per-pound! It's made from beans plucked out of elephant Do-do! A herd of elephants in Thailand eats the beans and their stomach juices reportedly break down certain proteins in the coffee beans, removing the acidic edge from their flavor.Blake Dinkin is the owner of Black Ivory Coffee. He says, "Coffee beans retrieved from elephant poop and then ground up and put into a coffee maker gives you a cup of coffee that’s very smooth without the bitterness of regular coffee.”  The elephants live at the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation. The foundation receives 8% of the profits from sales of the coffee, which goes toward healthcare for the elephants. I think I'll stick with Community Breakfast Blend