I went to my friend's house today in Youngsville, and he gave me "homegrown" honey and tomatoes, and let me help feed the fish!

I know that there are stocked ponds all over Acadiana, but I still find it fascinating when they all come to the top to feed.  Elliot told me that there are bream and catfish in his pond and, obviously, turtles!

His dog, Podnuh, really, really wants to get to those fish, but isn't too keen on jumping into the water.

Elliot also has a garden, and gave me three (massive!!) homegrown tomatoes, and fresh honey out of his hive!

Tomatoes and Honey (Staff Photo)

Tomatoes:  delicious!  Honey:  sweet as, well, honey!!  Now if I can only get him to let me go fishing in that pond!

(Via Youtube)