Steve Wiley recently posted a story about hamburgers, asking how much you would be willing to pay for one.  This story is about some kids that send a burger into space: not aboard the Soyuz, or the Space Shuttle, not on the International Space Station, but aboard a specially-designed platform, hanging from a helium-filled balloon.

Students from Harvard sent a not-so-freshly-made hamburger to 30,000m into the sky (18.6 miles up!) from Sturbridge, Massachusetts.  Upon reaching it's maximum altitude, the balloon popped, and the burger dropped from the sky.  With just a parachute: no guidance systems; just a hamburger, strapped to a small platform, hanging from a parachute, falling from the sky.  It reportedly landed in Boston, 130 miles away from Sturbridge.

I think that this project would be fun, but I would much rather attempt to put a hamburger into actual "orbit".  Or maybe a politician, or a lawyer.  What do you think?

(Via RT and Youtube)