You probably know the frustration of being at a great event and being unable to contact friends on your mobile device. Calling, texting, and posting to social media become difficult or impossible.
Here's great news! KATC reports Festival International de Louisiane 2014 has free Wifi. Festival has teamed with LUS to install wifi at Scene TV5 at Parc Putnam.

Festival board member, Craig Minnick said, "Of all the things that it could do for Festival and not just the basics we have today for wifi, people can sit there and they can chat with their friends, they can pull up the app and see where they want to go next, still do their scheduling, they can Skype and do all types of fun things at that particular point,"

LUS director Terry Huval adds, the installation of wifi in the area will free up spectrum space, making it easier to send and receive phone calls & texts. People posting to social media using the LUS Fiber hotspot are asked to use the hashtag #FiberWifi.