Festival International de Louisiane 2013 may have been a record breaker. President of the Festival Board of Directors Monica Hebert said the festival brings a good sized crowd to Lafayette. She says an estimated 400,000 people attended last year.

We're excited how the whole Acadiana experiences an economic impact. That's what we are here for and we want to bring people to our community. We want to make sure everyone benefits from this festival, -Monica Hebert, Festival Board Of Directors President

Hebert estimates the economic impact of last year's festival at somewhere around $30 million. If this year's attendance estimates are close to being accurate, she says the $30 million mark is old news.

Local restaurateurs also enjoyed a booming business.

There are plenty of vendors and that's what the festival is for; for people to come out and enjoy all these different foods. Walking up and down the street, it's delightful whenever they want to take a break and come inside and enjoy some our food. - Michele Ezell, Owner Tsunami Restaurant

The Jefferson Street Pub was the official hospitality spot for the artists for the second year. The Pub's owner, Gus Rezende said, "Every so often out of the blue a band would go on the stage and play a little bit. They would sing while they're eating and hang out and rehearse."

For me, the overwhelming joy of the Festival is the wide variety of music on multiple stages.