The Saints have been suiting up at their training facility in Metairie, and so has Sarah Thomas.   What?... A woman at an NFL training camp? Thomas is a former college basketball player, who might become the NFL's first female official.
She started officiating high school football games at age 23, and has officiated collegiate games in Conference USA for the past 6 years. Thomas is in the NFL's Officiating Development Program. She's worked at Saints training camp before and is a finalist to become a permanent NFL official.

How do the players feel about this?
Tight end Jimmy Graham said, "All I know is, she's wearing black-and-white stripes and has a hat on."
Safety Roman harper commented, "She will be hated like the rest of them."
Head coach Sean Payton says Thomas "does a great job."
Drew Brees had an interesting comment. "I think it would be hard for a a coach to yell at a female official maybe like he would a male official, and that's just being honest."