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The Christmas season brings many traditions and activities into our homes every year. Some we carry over from our own childhood, some we create new with our children. Here are some of our favorite family Christmas activities.

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Putting them up at your house or driving around to see them! And why is it that there's always one light or one strand that doesn't work when you hit the switch- even if you checked them like you're supposed to before you hang them?
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Some families go to a tree farm and chop their own, others head to the grocery store or home center, and others place a tiny one on their table. The Christmas tree is very much a part of most families' tradition.
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Whether it's the kids, the pets or the whole family - crying, wiggling or smiling - a picture with Santa can be a priceless memory.
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Maybe your family sits around a bonfire at the camp, or the piano at Grandma's house, or just snuggle up on the sofa with the kids to watch a special on TV, Christmas carols play a role in our holiday celebrations every year.
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Midnight Mass

Whatever your religion, church services are at the core of our Christmas celebration here in Southern Louisiana. Thousands of Catholics celebrate the true meaning of Christmas at Midnight Mass.