Facebook funnies were flying last night after the lights went out in the Superdome! I have some really clever facebook friends- take a look at what some of them posted!

"The comments on Facebook about the power outage are funnier than the damn commercials!!!"

"Kanye walks into the Dome turns off the lights and says Ravens imma let you finish, but Beyonce had the best halftime show of all time... #superbowlfunny"

"‎1 too many booty pops Be!! She blew the dome"

"Security found Thibadeaux & Boudreaux in the Dome's power station room with Beyonce ... That's where the fuse blew!"

"Goodell tried to suspend the Nola power chords. They appealed and will be able to supply power again soon. Lengthy court battle to follow. I'm sure the Saints will lose another draft pic over this somehow."

"It's okay FEMA will be there in about 5 days...they just love NOLA and always respond ASAP..."

"I think we needed to be more specific when we told the voodoo queen to knock Goodell's lights out."