Is Facebook dying? Are you and your friends not drawn to Facebook like you once were? According to a new poll by Reuters and Ipsos, about one-third of Facebook users are not using the social network as much as they used to.  Maybe that's why the Facebook IPO flopped.

Facebook seems to be focused on monetization these days, which may have users just a bit turned off.  According to the research, 80% of Facebook users have never purchased a product or service from Facebook. Which begs the question, why would any business advertise on Facebook?

The survey found that users between the ages of 18 and 34 were the most active, while just 29% of people over 55 rated themselves regular users. But guess what? The more people use Facebook the more they experience 'Facebook Fatigue'. Guess what happens when someone starts to feel 'Facebook Fatigue'? That's right, they withdraw from it and use it less. It's a vicious cycle that Facebook is going to have to contend with or be domed like Myspace.
[Via: Reuters,Ipso]