Magician Stuart Edge ordered pizza after pizza and gave each pizza delivery guy a 100 dollar tip, but only after he turned ones into twenties.  They were each amazed at the trick, but mostly his generosity.

October is National Pizza Month and a magician named Stuart Edge decided to treat pizza delivery guys and have a little fun in the process.  He tells the delivery guys that he only has 5 ones as though he'd like to give more, then when they reach out their had for the ones, he turns them into 5 twenties.  It's a great trick but the beauty of this video is watching their faces when he tells them they can keep the money.

At the end, the female manager of the pizza establishment calls Edge to thank him, and you can hear how emotional she is over the phone.  Delivering pizza can be tough, and to have something fun, yet extremely nice happen to these delivery guys, is a nice thing to watch.  And everyone of them said to Edge, 5 dollars was more than enough as a tip.  One guy tears up, another is so happy he can now get his car fixed.  Nice, nice video!