Have you ever seen a goat faint? Up until this video I had not.

I remember the story of Boone's goat here in Lafayette.  Boone is no longer with us, but the story of his goat lives on.  Have you heard it?

Boone's was an elderly Cajun man that lived north of I 10, near the end of Ambassador Caffery if my memory serves me correctly.  The reason I know this is because Debbie Ray and I once broadcast from his yard.  We were told that Boone had a goat that would roam around his yard.  He probably had more than one actually.  But one day during a thunderstorm, one of the goats was hit by lightning and turned to stone.  Well, no way were Deb and I letting this go by without checking it out.  So one day, we took the station vehicle out to Boone's house and broadcasted live from his front yard.  And yes there was  a goat made out of concrete or a stone like substance.  How it got that way is still a mystery.

Was it a real goat at one time... maybe...maybe not.  Our investigation was cut short by a...THUNDERSTORM!