How can it be the "hottest" show on television if it hasn't been on yet? Or the latest "blockbuster" if it hasn't opened yet? Are you sick of the hype? Me, too. A lot of superlatives, especially on the internet, are over-used to such an extent that you just can't believe a word they say. Semi-savvy bloggers and businesses have learned that these words can generate a lot of "clicks" so they headline their YouTube video or Blog article with these types of words and phrases.

Any post that's slugged with the following words probably isn't as good as it claims:

  1. Epic: The dictionary defines epic as "unusually long or great in size or scope." Most of the YouTube videos of people falling down are not actually "epic."
  2. Insane: "Having or showing a very abnormal and very sick state of mind." On the internet usually just means stupid.
  3. Hilarious: "Wildly funny" generally turns out to be mildly amusing.
  4. Never Mess With: I'm pretty sure this one started with anti-littering campaign in the 1980's, i.e. "Don't Mess with Texas" and has been co-opted to mean that an elderly person, dainty woman or child has done something you wouldn't have expected except for the headline that gave it away.
  5. It'll Blow Your Mind: No. It won't. But it might be a cool visual or surprising statistic.