I have three words...."Chocolate Beyond Reason!"


Photo by Steve Wiley

Our visit, My first, to Little River Inn was wonderful.

The atmosphere was warm & welcoming, as were our hosts, Lori & Richard Hurst.  They greeted us very cordially, and sat down to dinner with us. We were treated to a spectacular selection of appetizers, entrees & desserts, as well as a history lesson. The sauteed crabmeat was spectacular. We were nearly finished when lori said, "Oh, wait! You have to try the ribs!" I said there was no room, so she sent me home home with an order of ribs to go. I had them for lunch the next day. Have you ever had Sweet Potato Beignets?


And now, some links to some of the delicious recipes at Little River Inn. Just click on the pic and see how they're made, from the Crab Au Gratin to the Stuffed Crab Dressing!