Even before you walk into Charley G's, you can smell the grill.   It makes you walk just a little bit faster to get to the door!!

Charley G's is very proud of their 'product', as they should be: they still have some of the same employees from when they opened their doors in 1985; they use Louisiana products when available; their staff is meticulously trained so that they can give meticulous service; their fare is award-winning; their atmosphere is, in my words, "upscale comfortable"; the staff is awardwinning, and Charley G's takes every opportunity possible to 'give back' to the community.

My experience at Charley G's is chronicled in the following video, but it is only a sense of what you can expect when you go.  When you go, you get to experience the 'other' senses:  the aroma, the flavor, and the atmosphere.

Eat Lafayette, sponsored by the new Fly Lafayette Club and Mondavi Wines! (With a special 'kick' from Louisiana Hot Sauce!)