This edition of Eat Lafayette took me to A & B Henderson BBQ on the Evangeline Thruway....

Let me start with this:  the smell of a real-wood fire makes my mouth water.  I love thinking about a real-wood pit, and succulent meats basking in low heat and smoke... and hoping that the person in charge of that pit knows what he or she is doing.

If you leave the meat in too much smoke, it starts to get bitter.  If there is not enough heat, the outside gets dry before the inside cooks.  If there is too much heat, the outside gets REALLY dry before the inside is finished cooking.  The art of properly smoked/barbequed meats is mastered by few, and even those few could take lessons from A & B Henderson!

Their sausage was perfect:  a hearty smoke flavor, yet juicy and easy to cut.  The brisket?  I was able to cut it with my fork.  And ANYONE would brave running across the Evangeline Thruway to get a bite of the chicken.... delicious, juicy... PERFECT!!

When you step inside A & B Henderson (which got its start in 1978, and has been owned by the same family since), the first thing that you notice is the "lodge"-style atmosphere.  The checkered tablecloths, the nick-nacks on the wall, the light fixtures, the deep wood accents.  At the very next moment, the aroma of succulent meats hits you, and gets your mouth watering!  Brisket, ribs, chicken, sausage, pork loin.... just waiting to be sliced and put on your plate.

With the purchase of your plate, you get 2 side orders, ALL YOU CAN EAT!!  They offer rice dressing, pork-n-beans and ranch beans, green beans, corn, smothered cabbage, and a broccoli and cheese casserole that puts every other casserole that I have ever eaten to shame.  Oh, and do NOT pass up the peach cobbler!  A perfect end to a perfect meal.

Lunch for the family, business lunch, or the crew from the shop, A & B Henderson has a spacious dining room, and has outdoor seating, too.... perfect for watching the free-roaming peacock family!  A & B Henderson also caters, whether it is for an office gathering, rehearsal dinner, or a family reunion, they can accommodate!

Mention Eat Lafayette when you go to A & B Henderson BBQ during the Eat Lafayette Campaign, and you'll receive a beverage with your meal, free!

Watch the video below, a recap of our visit to A & B Henderson BBQ!

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