Last night, after the holiday hubub subsided, my daughter & I settled in to watch a movie together. She was enjoying the movie more than I. Since I'd promised to prepare crawfish pasta, I went to the kitchen. When I cook I try to reduce the salt & fat content of whatever I'm preparing. You won't find white bread, flour or rice in my pantry, either.

This project was simple, and quick. I boiled a 1lb. bag of whole wheat egg noodles, dumping a lb. of crawfish into the pot with about 2 minutes to go. I drained & chill shocked it so the tails wouldn't turn into "BB's." Then I mixed two cans of low-sodium cream of mushroom soup with about 1 can of water,stirred it all up in a pot, and Voila!

The above photo was taken right before I had it for lunch. These things always seem to taste better the next day