For years, I would call it 'East Broussard' Road (the road that runs between Milton and Johnston Street, between Lafayette and Maurice), even though I never saw that in print.  In newspaper articles, on the signs, on maps, it always said 'E. Broussard Road.'  I always thought that the 'E' stood for East.

Well, recently I was 'set straight'.  The story I heard was from a friend of mine who says that the road was named after the man who used to own Broussard's Race Track (and bar?), on Johnston Street, between E. Broussard Road and Driftwood Drive.  My friend said that the Broussard family owned a lot of the land in that area, and that the road was named for him.

His name?  Eloi Broussard.

I am not certain about the validity of the story, but I am sure that there are some Broussards out there who know the real deal!

Oh, here's a picture I took of the Vermilion River Bridge on E. Broussard Rd:

And now, a close-up of the sign on the bridge:

I dont' know how true the 'story' is, but this picture seems to shore-up the story some.  I would love to hear from anyone who knows more!!