People who know me well would be the first to tell you that they were shocked to learn that I enjoy "Duck Dynasty." Their surprise comes from knowing that I prefer to sleep late in the air-conditioned, dry environs of my home instead of rising early to visit the wet, bug-infested, and either brutally hot and humid or cold and wet locales associated with hunting and fishing.

I'm a comic-book reading, toy collecting nerd who loves "Duck Dynasty" because the Robinsons are great people who manage to use each episode of the show to demonstrate the benefits of hard work, dedication to family and friends, and a life of faith. And the show is funny and wholesome entertainment our whole family enjoys.

It seems that someone over at Duck Commander decided that they needed to "target" my demographic, because they've created "Duck Dynasty" action figures, which I discovered while passing through the electronics section of Wally World earlier this week.

There are figures of Si, Willie, Jase, and Robinson patriarch and Duck Commander himself, Phil. The figures are 3.75 inches, the scale made popular for kids' action figures by Kenner's Star Wars line of the lat 1970s. Each figure includes a number of accessories, some which are unique to the person themselves or part of the overall "Duck Commander lifestyle." For example, all of the figures come with tiny duck calls, but each figure gets a different type of miniature animal (a not so miniature duck for Willie, a squirrel for Si, a beaver for Phil, and a snake and bullfrogs for Jase) and items unique to themselves. For example, Jase comes with a flashlight for hunting bullfrogs and Si comes with his iconic iced tea cup.

The figures somewhat look like their flesh and blood counterparts and have a number of points of articulation so that kids (or kids at heart) can play with or pose them however they wish.

If you're a huge Duck Dynasty fan, you need to get these action figures and enter KTDY's "Uncle Si VIP Meet and Greet" contest. If you win, you get a chance to meet one-on-one with Uncle Si before he appears at the Louisiana Outdoor Expo. Bring along your Uncle Si action figure and have the real Uncle Si sign it when you meet him!