A newspaper delivery man was struck while riding his tricycle in Wisconsin, lodging him in the windshield of the car that hit him; driver doesn't notice...

At least that's what the 20-year-old driver claims.

According to the USA Today, Steven Gove was delivering newspapers on his tricycle. Despite Steven's flashing lights and reflective safety clothing, he was struck from behind.  The impact was hard enough to send Gove partway through the windshield, with his upper half INSIDE the vehicle with the driver.

The driver continued to drive, running a stop sign and ramming another vehicle before arriving home.  When he does notice his victim, he exits the vehicle, locks it, and goes into his home.

My question:  how inebriated was the driver to A) not notice hitting a tricycle; B) ramming another vehicle and continuing on his way; and C) not responding to a man speaking to you while he was lodged in your windshield!?!???!

(Via USA Today)