Making the decision to drink almost exclusively distilled water, may have been one of the worst decisions I've ever made.

Several months ago, I made the decision to drink distilled water whenever possible, even hauling gallons with me to work.  In an effort to be somewhat healthy, it seemed like a very responsible thing to do.  As it turns out, it was just the opposite.

I have been drinking almost exclusively distilled water for months and have never felt worse.  I complained to doctors who told me on paper I looked like a 17-year-old.  I complained to friends who I'm sure got tired of hearing me do so.  I took myself off some foods and medicines thinking that might be the reason for my feeling poorly.  When I suffered dehydration that eventually led to heatstroke I knew something was wrong no matter what the doctors said.  How can a person who drinks over a gallon of water a day be so dehydrated?

As it turns out, distilled water is so pure, minerals and nutrients in the body will attach themselves to the molecules in distilled water eventually ridding one's body of all things good.  Distilled water also throws off the body's PH.

Fatigue, problems concentrating, premature aging, aches, thinning hair, etc., all associated with the consumption of excessive amounts of distilled water.

Why I Say No To Distilled Water Only is a great article that explains why distilled water should not be used long term, I hope you read it.