Drew Brees says has been dragged through the mud on the internet, and on national television over a $3 tip on a $74 takeout order last month in San Diego.
Brees was in the Saints the locker room Thursday morning when he noticed a discussion on a network morning show. They were talking about tipping on takeout orders, and referred to a photograph of Brees' takeout receipt that's been circulated online.
The Pro Bowl quarterback said he figures the person who initially took the photo did so innocently because he visits the restaurant regularly and poses for photos with staff.

Brees expressed disappointment "that it actually got spun and perceived as - you immediately jump to the conclusion that he stiffed a waiter or waitress. That's the part that bothers me."
The Saints QB personally responded on Twitter, writing, "In case anyone still cares about this report: I tipped $3 on a takeout order. Had we sat down it would have been 20% (plus)."
He suggested the headline to the initial blog post, which referred to him as "cheap," could have just as easily said that he typically gives restaurant staff a few extra dollars on takeout orders, "but nobody's going to read that."
The Saints quarterback didn't appear to be upset, and smiled while talking about it. He added he'll be happy if a takeout tip turns out to be the biggest controversy he has to address this season.