The Mutt Census Says...

More than half the dogs owned by Americans are mixed-breed and the most common breeds are not necessarily those most often found, a new survey says. German Shepherds are popular both as purebreds and mixed-breeds, but the third-placed mixed-breed Chow Chow is only the 63rd most popular purebred. The National Mutt Census was conducted by Mars Veterinary, who asked mutt owners to provide their dog’s size, weight, place of origin, feeding, exercise habits and health. The Maryland-based veterinary also took 36,000 samples collected from mixed-breed dogs that underwent analysis to determine breed history. According to the National Mutt Census, the top 10 most popular breeds found in the mixed-breed population are:

1. German Shepherd (2nd most popular AKC-registered breed)
2. Labrador Retriever (most popular AKC breed)
3. Chow Chow (63rd most popular AKC breed)
4. Boxer (6th most popular AKC breed)
5. Rottweiler (13th most popular AKC breed)
6. Poodle (9th most popular AKC breed)
7. American Staffordshire Terrier (70th most popular AKC breed)
8. Golden Retriever (4th most popular AKC breed)
9. Cocker Spaniel (23rd most popular AKC breed)
10. Siberian Husky (22nd most popular AKC breed)

The poll also revealed trends among dog owners:

  • Shelters are the most frequently cited place (46%) where people obtain mixed-breed dogs, followed by a friend, neighbor or relative (18%).
  • Dry dog food is the most popular feeding choice (65%), surpassing mixed wet and dry food (wet 21%), wet food (5%) and raw food and scraps (9%).
  • 48% of owners say their dog sleeps with them.
  • Breeds weighing more than 80 pounds represent less than 11% of all mixed-breed dogs.
  • Flea and tick prevention is a core element to responsible pet care, but 69% of respondents reported that they don’t use flea and tick control medicines regularly.
  • 89% of mixed-breed dogs are neutered.

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