Dr. Kevin of the Bryant Health & Wellness Centers shared concerns about arsenic and other contaminents and chemicals found in drinking water on Wellness Wednesday, yesterday on the KTDY Morning Show.

As it turns out, St. Landry Parish residents in Krotz Springs are dealing with concerns over too much arsenic in their drinking water. Residents are finally receiving some of the clean water  they've been lobbying for after test results revealed arsenic levels to be more than five times the current federal standard of ten parts per billion in some private water wells.

At a recent Krotz Springs community meeting, St. Landry Parish President Don Menard said "Don't drink the water, I would not drink the water."  Menard then followed up by reallocating some parish funds to secure portable water tanks for residents with contaminated wells.

The Daily World reports the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Department delivered two mobile water tanks. One was set up near the beginning of Kim Drive and the other was placed at the end of that street.  The tanks have multiple faucets that residents can use to fill their personal water containers.

Because the arsenic contaminated water supply comes from private wells and not a public water system, the government is not required or reportedly allowed to take action.