Have you tried "every" diet with no success? Maybe it's time for a new approach. "Football widows" probably won't like this, but there's considerable evidence that simply watching sports will help you lose weight. Gulf Times reports, the results  an Australian study indicate watching strenuous activity stimulates a physiological reaction similar to what the viewer would experience if they were actually participating.

“We know that the sympathetic nervous system - which supplies the heart, sweat glands and blood vessels, as well as other tissues - increases its activity during actual exercise. Now we have shown that it increases when you are watching a moving scene as if you were running yourself.”   -  Vaughan Macefield, School of Medicine at the University of Western Sydney.

The Daily Mail reports more than 40% of women who wear jeans squeeze into a pair that are too small, rather than admit they need to go up a size. The report says more than 50% of those women keep a pair they can no longer fit into, hoping they one day will. Girls, you're not alone. I have a lot of clothes that are too small, too.