This morning Debbie Ray and I were talking about peeling onions and how to not cry while doing so.  Research states, chew gum...who knew?  So we asked our Facebook family how they managed to not cry when peeling an onion and here are just some of the suggestions...

Tammy Mitchell "Every country girl knows this answer! Lol. You put a piece of bread in your mouth while you r cutting it."

Margo Ipson Latiolais "Take a sip of water and hold it in your mouth while you cut the onion."

Mary Beth Hamilton Carrier "Leave the 'hairy' end of the onion alone. If you cut it off or cut through it your eyes water much more than leaving it intact."

Lisa Jolivette Willett "If you wear contact lenses, your eyes will not water. It works for me."

Dale Broussard "Place a candle near you while chopping."