Donnie & Marie On Broadway For Christmas

 Faced with the pressure of opening their Broadway Christmas show opposite the Spider-Man megamusical, Donny and Marie Osmond are upping their game.

"Marie and I are flying over the audience," says Donny Osmond in his spare dressing room at the Marquis Theatre.

He's kidding.

The siblings will be using their trusty variety show from the Las Vegas Strip as a skeleton for this month's 22-show "Donny & Marie — A Broadway Christmas," plus a generous portion of seasonal songs. There will be no aerial stunts.

"We have to do what we're known for and what we're good at. We've been doing it for 300 years," Osmond says, laughing.

Maybe not exactly 300, but certainly a lot. The duo became famous in 1976 with their hit TV variety show and have managed to stay current for each new generation, whether by TV, radio, theater or with concerts. Both were recently on "Dancing With the Stars" — Donny, who just turned 53, finished on top last year; his 51-year-old sister took third in 2007. Expect some good-natured ribbing about that on stage.