Sometimes when we post on our website, the subject matter might not be very 'personal' to us:  stories about movies/Hollywood or television shows or Honey Boo-Boo - we are just posting it because we think it might be of interest to you.

And then, sometimes, we get stories like this one:

An 'acquaintance' of mine (we met through work, and have become 'that kind' of friends, ya know?) recently lost her grandmother.  Most of us are/were close to our "MiMi"s or "Granny"s, but this relationship was different; at 16 my friend first moved in with her "Nomo", and returned for a longer stay at the age of 22, to assist with her grandmother's care.

She lived with her grandmother for another 7 years, and when she was ready to fly, she flew.  She kept in touch with her grandmother, speaking to her daily (sometimes several times daily) and seeing her frequently.

When her grandmother's health started to fail, she was there, daily, at her side, until the end, which came last week.  My friend's heart was broken, feeling that her debt to this great lady who cared for her when she needed it most still hadn't been paid.

Crystal and "Nomo"

Now, to add to her heartache:  her grandmother had 3 companions living with her at her time of death:  a boston terrier (female, 10 years old) and 2 mixed breeds (5 and 8 year-olds, female).  Without the facilities to care for these pets, she is facing the fact that she needs to place them in a good home (or homes).  Again, heartbreak.

So, I guess what I am asking is this:  If you know someone who would be interested in caring for these 'companions', my friend would be interested in hearing from you.  She knows how difficult it is to a) place a pet, and b) ensure that it is a good home, she just hopes that she can find a home for her grandmother's companions.

If you can help, please email Crystal at

My name is Cheesai, and I need a good home!

Cheesai (Chee-Sigh) is the Boston Terrier, female 10 years old spayed and up to date on all her shots and is heartworm negative, she's very energetic and loves to play.

Lil Bit is a beagle/terrier mix, female 8 years old spayed and up to date on all her shots and is heartworm negative, she is a little shy and can be pretty lazy. She does seem fearful and timid around men.

"I'm Lil'bit", "and I'm Dorky, and we need a home, too!!"

Dorky  is the youngest, a 5-year-old female.  She's a yorkie/dashound mix, spayed, up to date on all her shots, and she is also heartworm negative. She loves to be loved on, she rolls on her belly and loves attention.

At the very least, please share this story on your Facebook page, every "Lil-Bit" bit of exposure helps.