Unreformed playboy Charlie Sheen enjoyed an out of control weekend in Vegas at Hugh Hefner $40,000/night Sky Villa inside the Fantasy Tower.

“It was vintage Charlie all weekend. He had a revolving door of gorgeous women, porn stars and Vegas elite coming and going throughout his stay, total party central,” a source said.

“Within minutes of arriving the girls were stripped off and in the Jacuzzi. There was a constant flow of alcohol arriving from room service and basically, the party didn’t stop.

“Charlie hardly left his room, he was basically holed up the entire time, with the exception of a couple of forays down to the hotel bar.

“He was definitely in full party mode and it looked like a bomb had hit the suite. There were empty bottles strewn all over and all manner of adult-related items left around, especially in the massage room and bedroom.

“I don’t envy the cleaning staff that had to go in there when he checked out this morning that’s for sure!”

Another source added they think Charlie — who has struggled with drink and drug addiction in the past — is “out of control”.