Does Acadiana have a heroin problem? Evidence has come to light that heroin use is on the rise in South Louisiana. There has long been an illegal trade in opioid pain relievers like Lortab (hydrocodone). Oxycontin has been popularly abused as well.
A nationwide crackdown on the prescribing of these drugs has prompted users to look for substitutes. Heroin is less expensive, and often easier to get. Heroin use has apparently not been widespread in the area, but law enforcement officials say seizures are on the increase.
Captain John Babin with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's office told KLFY, "For a long time, in this area, it's just something we didn't see, but now it's here. Is it here to stay? Yes, possibly. We're going to have to deal with it."
Katie Buller, of Victory Addiction and Recovery Center, said ""It's very addictive and the detox is very hard to get over without medical care."

If you think Heroin is safe, ask any of the following people: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Kurt Cobain, Lenny Bruce, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin?...