I was headed to buy some dog food this morning when I saw this old sign leaning against a building in Youngsville; do you know the story behind it?

I did an internet search for "I and Ben's Cafe'" and it came up empty: was this once a business in Youngsville?  I am guessing that it was a "local" place, as on the sign it says that it serves Evangeline Maid Bread.

The building that it was leaning against looks like a house that is in the middle of being dismantled, but if you look closely at this door, it sure looks like a door that would swing open to give access to a kitchen.


Looks like a "swinging" door... (Staff Photo)


The building that the sign is leaning against is on Lafayette Street in Youngsville.  I have been in Youngsville going on 6 years now, and I've never heard of "I and Ben's".


The front part of the building...


The building is fairly close to the house that sports "309" as its address...


This is the house next door to the building with the sign, at 309 Lafayette Street in Youngsville... (Staff Photo)


So, good people of Youngsville (or anywhere in Acadiana), was this cafe' once a thriving business in Youngsville?  Is this a sign that was 'repurposed' from another location and used as building material?  I want to know the story!!