You might be addicted to eating crawfish, but I'm talking about problems with those pesky crawfish that sometimes set up shop in your yard.

I have fond memories of finding tiny crawfish and their "towers" dotting our Abbeville backyard when I was a kid. I was also fascinated by the fact that those crawfish and their mounds were just like Mary Alice Fontenot's Clovis Crawfish stories; I actually met her in first grade and presented her with my own drawing of Clovis.

Nostalgia aside, it turns out some folks don't care for these crawfish and most especially, their clay homes, which can damage lawn-mowing equipment and mar a lawn. A recent story from our news partners at KATC reveals that the LSU Agcenter gets over fifty calls a year from people who want suggestions on how to get rid of their crustacean cohabitants. Click the link above to read the article and find out safe ways to rid your yard of crawfish.

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